The moment Shaq will remember forever… thanks to Derrick Coleman

coleman-vs-shaqSo many years have passed, and Shaquille O’Neal still remembers this moment.

The moment that happened during his NBA rookie season in Orlando. Shaq was already becoming the most dominant force in the NBA, but one night, he got silenced.

It happened in New Jersey, where Orlando arrived to face the local New Jersey Nets, and their leader Derrick Coleman.

Driving to the basket, defended by O’Neal, left-handed Coleman went up for what seemed to be a lay-up but instead dunked it right on Shaq – waving his finger afterwards.

Years later O’Neal admitted that he didn’t expect Coleman would go for a dunk, and this was the only time, according to Shaq, that anyone in the NBA has dunked on him “face to face”.

Being a very talented forward, Coleman’s attitude and approach to the game never allowed him to reach the heights of Barkley, Malone or Tim Duncan, but he will definitely be remembered for this.

ExNBA created a GIF of that moment, check it out below:



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