Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets (1992) – VIDEO

This is a full NBA game, with Golden State Warriors coming to Houston, to face the home team of Rockets, led by the goggle-wearing Hakeem Olajuwon.

A very good game, with the Warriors (coached by Don Nelson at the time) shooting basically 60 percent from the field the whole game.

Houston struggled most of the game, but came back strong in the 4th quarter, with Olajuwon (with some help from Otis Thorpe, Vernon Maxwell and Kenny Smith) fighting back.

Highlights of the game:

– Warriors playing ultra-tight defense on Olajuwon
– Chris Mullin almost automatic from the field
– Tim Hardaway showcasing his scoring ability
– Rockets coming back into the game in 4th

Check out the full game below, and make sure you watch it till the end, it’s worth it.


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