Houston Rockets vs Phoenix Suns (2005) – VIDEO

A full game from 2005 NBA season – back when Steve Nash was still in Phoenix, when Amare Stoudemire was still a force to be reckoned with and when Tracy McGrady could still score 30 points in a game.

All of the above are present in the game, when Houston Rockets (coached by Jeff Van Gundy) came to play the hosting Phoenix Suns (coached by Mike D’Antoni).

Notable highlights:

– Yao gets blocked by Stoudemire
– Mutombo comes off bench for Houston, basically saves team
– Really bad officiating
– Both teams blow huge leads throughout the game
– Former Rockets player Matt Bullard doing commentary
– Shade of his former self, Vin Baker is seen sitting on Rockets’ bench
– Patrick Ewing as one of assistant coaches for Rockets


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