Jamaal Wilkes NBA highlights (VIDEO)


Jamaal Wilkes may not be very well known to the modern, younger generation of NBA fans, and yet the 6’6 UCLA forward earned his spot in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

In his rookie season, Wilkes helped the Golden State Warriors win their 1974-75 NBA title, averaging 14.2 ppg.

After two more years, the talented player was already playing for the LA Lakers, where he would help the team win two more NBA titles (1980 and 1982).

Wilkes participated in 3 NBA All-Star games (1976, 1981, 1983), and played in total of 828 NBA games.

He averaged career high 22.6 ppg for the Lakers in 1980-81 season, and holds career average of 17.7 ppg, 6.2 rpg in 32.9 mpg.

Check out Jamaal Wilkes’ highlights below:




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