WATCH: Kevin Johnson’s historic one-handed dunk on Olajuwon (1994 WCSF)

kevin_johnson_dunkUnofficially, today an NBA player is considered to be famous if he has a lot of highlights on youtube, vine, and so on.

Unfortunately, some older NBA players do not have as much highlights online as do their younger fellow players.

Kevin Johnson, the mayor of Sacramento, who had his share of moments in the NBA, a former All-Star as well, has at least one highlight that makes him to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

In 1994, when the Phoenix Suns were playing the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Semi Finals, Johnson made a daring move to posterize the Rockets’ center Hakeem Olajuwon.

And he did it. One-handed. And drew a foul on Olajuwon as well. Judging by Johnson’s emotions after the dunk, when the crowd exploded, it seemed like he dunked only with help of  his will and not athletism.

Either way, the dunk was, and remains truly spectacular. Take a closer look below:


Johnson played 12 years in the NBA, playing almost all of his career in Phoenix. He was an NBA All-Star 3 times, reaching a career-high average of 22.5 ppg in 1989-90, and career-high 12.2 apg in 1988-89.

Johnson appeared in total of 735 games (623 started) in the NBA, holding career averages of17.9 ppg and 9.1 apg in 34.1 mpg.


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