Mahmoud Abdul Rauf drops 51 points on Utah Jazz – VIDEO

abdul-raufIn a 1989 interview with Sports Illustrated, then-Georgetown University center Alonzo Mourning praised LSU guard Chris Jackson’s offensive abilities, dishing out this poignant commentary: “I think he’s the best shooter in the country.”

Chris Jackson was soon to become known as Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. Abdul Rauf has been both loved and hated during his days with LSU and in the NBA as well. Born Chris Jackson, he converted to Islam, and took himself another name, which brought specific troubles as well.

As a college sophomore, Jackson averaged 29.0 ppg and again was named to AP’s All-America First Team. After his sophomore season, he decided to make a jump to the NBA. Jackson was selected by the Denver Nuggets as the No. 3 overall pick in the 1990 NBA Draft.

Abdul-Rauf was a superb point guard, possessing great speed, amazing shooting ability. His career was marked by an appearance in the Slam Dunk Contest as well as by one of the most accurate free-throw shooting records ever.

Considered one of the greatest free-throw shooters in the history of the game, Abdul-Rauf missed the all time free-throw shooting NBA season record by only a single miss in the 1993–94 season. He sparked controversy for refusing to stand for the national anthem, and calling the US Flag a symbol of oppression.

Abdul-Rauf of course had his share of NBA highlights. Like when he dropped 51 points on the Utah Jazz on their home court in 1993. Neither Utah’s John Stockton or Jeff Hornacek were able to stop Abdul-Rauf that night.

Here are the highlights of that game:



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