Micheal Ray Richardson – a guy who could’ve been better than Magic Johnson (VIDEO)

micheal-ray-richardsonMicheal “Sugar” Ray Richardson could have achieved so much more, if it wasn’t for the wrong choices that he made, during the prime of his basketball career.

Richardson played college basketball for the Montana Grizzlies. He played in the NBA for eight years, most notably for the New York Knicks and New Jersey Nets.

Richarson played in 556 NBA games (276 started), averaging career 14.8 ppg, 7.0 apg, and 5.5 rpg per 33.4 minutes of playing time.

He was named an NBA All-Star four times (1980, 1981, 1982, 1985), and also named twice to the NBA All-Defensive team (1979-80, 1980-81).

A tough defender, Richardson led the NBA in steals four times (79-80, 80-81, 81-82, 84-85), and once in assists (79-80).

After his playing days were over, Richardson switched to coaching. He was named the PBL Coach of the Year (2010), and later NBL Canada Coach of the Year (2011-2012). This is the story of someone, who could have been one of the greatest guards in the NBA.

Chris Rock narrates the story of the NBA great who got caught up in the wild drug scene of the 1980’s, and how he managed to get out of it, to continue playing the game that he loves.

Check out the film below:



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