NBA All-Star Game 2002 – VIDEO

nba-all-star-2002On February 10, 2002, Philadelphia hosted the 51st, NBA All-Star game of 2002.

This game was the 51th edition of the North American National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star Game and was played during the 2001–02 NBA season.

The crowd gave most of the love for the home town player of the Sixers – Allen Iverson, and also Michael Jordan – who returned to the NBA, and participated in his first NBA All-Star game in 3 years.

It should be noted that Allen Iverson played under #6 – under which legendary Sixers forward Julius Erving played. Erving gave permission to Iverson to wear his number at the game.

Vince Carter, and Shaquille O’Neal were unable to participate due to injuries, so Jason Kidd and Chris Webber were named as Carter and O’Neal’s replacements respectively.

Marv Albert, Steve Jones and Bill Walton provided the commentary, while Elton John performed at the half-time.

Notable highlights of the game:

– Michael Jordan blew an open dunk
– Tracy McGrady made one of the most memorable plays in All-Star Game history
– Steve Francis screwed up, despite being voted as a starter for this game
– Philadelphia-born Kobe Bryant of LA Lakers was booed the whole game.

To see the full of the game, check out full recording below:



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