Orlando Magic vs Golden State Warriors (1993-94) – VIDEO

Here’s a video of a full game with Orlando Magic (coached by Brian Hill) visiting the Golden State Warriors (coached by Don Nelson).

Orlando Magic was struggling prior to this game, according to announcers, however this game they led pretty much throughout the whole game over the Warriors. A lot of turnovers and foul troubles for Golden State team allowed Magic to lead.

Highlights from the game:

– Chris Mullin struggling big time
– Chris Webber trying to keep Warriors in the game
– Penny Hardaway huge dunk on Gatling
– Wilt Chamberlain watching the game!
– A lot of turnovers for both teams
– Hardaway interview on “Blue Chips” film at halftime
– Jeff Turner working the boards for Orlando
– Ancient Tree Rollins makes an appearance for the Magic

Check out the full game below:


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