Orlando Magic vs Phoenix Suns (1993) – VIDEO

magic-vs-suns-1993If you’re an fan of 90’s NBA, and Shaquille O’Neal in particular, you must’ve seen these two moments a lot – one when Shaq goes on to dunk on Dwayne Schintzius in New Jersey and breaks the glass on the board, and second when he dunked the ball against Phoenix Suns and brought down the whole backboard.

This is the full video of that very game – the Orlando Magic came to Phoenix, to face Charles Barkley and the Suns.

Very good game (with Marv Albert and Mike Fratello doing commentary), with good quality. Check out Richard Dumas scoring career high 31 points (with 7 dunks!).

Notable highlights from the game:

– O’Neal brings down the backboard, which had to be substituted, and the game continued 30 mins later
– Dan Majerle pretty much having an off-night
– Today Richard Dumas works as a janitor, but he used to play like he does here
– Charles Barkley dominating the boards
– See pre-Bulls Steve Kerr playing for Orlando with O’Neal!

Below is the video of the game:


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