San Antonio Spurs vs Philadelphia 76ers (1999) – VIDEO

This is the beginning of the 1999 NBA season – a lockout season, which had each team to play only 50 games, instead of 82.

Here, San Antonio Spurs led by the twin towers David Robinson and Tim Duncan visit Philly, led by Allen Iverson.

Highlights of the game:

– Iverson leading the team as always, nearly reaches his career-high in points
– Harvey Grant (Sixers), Horace Grant’s twin brother making some clutch shots
– David Robinson simply painful to watch
– Wooden Will Perdue resting on the bench with injury
– Malik Rose (Spurs) scoring career-high in points
– Spurs missing a lot of free throws
– 76ers, backed by crowd, coming back into the game in the 4th quarter.

Check out the full game below. And in case you didn’t know – San Antonio went on to win that year’s championship, team’s first.


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