Seattle Supersonics vs Houston Rockets (1996 Playoffs, G3) – VIDEO

The Houston Rockets won two straight NBA titles, in 1992-93 and 1993-94, beating NY Knicks and Orlando Magic respectively.

In 1996, they found themselves down by 2 against the powerful Seattle Supersonics team, led by Payton, Kemp and Schrempf. This is game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinals when Sonics visited the Rockets.

Notable highlights from the game:

– Hakeem Olajuwon struggling with double teaming on each possession
– Shawn Kemp battling Olajuwon under the basket
– Houston leading by 16 at one point
– No help from Rockets’ Robert Horry
– Legendary Chuck Daly doing commentary!
– Gary Payton dunks with one hand on fast break

Watch full game below:


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