Shawn Kemp – top 10 career dunks (VIDEO)

kemp-jordan-1996-finalsShawn Kemp had neither Hakeem Olajuwon’s low-post moves, nor Karl Malone’s strength and hard work. And yet he was the one, who was able to make a play and everyone in the KeyArena at Seattle Center would jump up.

Kemp’s talent and ability to “switch off” gravity made him one of the most electrifying forwards of the 90’s in the NBA.

Kemp was selected to 6 NBA All-Star teams. He spent 14 seasons in the NBA, playing for Seattle, Cleveland, Portland and Orlando.

He holds career averages of 14.6 ppg, 8.4 rpg and 1.2 bpg in 1051 NBA games (727 started). Also participated in NBA Slam Dunk contest, was a member of Dream Team II and is considered one of the most electrifying NBA forwards of the 90′s.

While a lot of today’s basketball fans know Kemp more for his weight problems and off-court issues, when he was in his prime, Kemp was able to put butts in the seats and make them jump out of them, when necessary.

Below are NBA’s top 10 Shawn Kemp career dunks. Enjoy!



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