The 90’s NBA: Steve Smith dunks twice on one possession

The game of basketball as we see it in the NBA has sure changed since the 1990’s. The rules have changed, the players have changed, the officiating has changed as well. The contracts have changed too.

But speaking of the game – there was a lot going on in the 90’s that the fans of the game still miss today.

Check out Steve Smith below – dunking the ball twice on the same possession. And no, he’s not given a technical!


Smith was drafted by the Miami Heat in the first round (5th pick, 5th overall) of the 1991 NBA Draft. Throughout his career, Smith played for Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks, Portland TrailBlazers,San Antonio Spurs and Charlotte Bobcats.

Smith won the NBA championship in 2003 with San Antonio, and for career appeared in 942 NBA games (717 started), averaging 14.3 ppg in 30.6 minutes of playing time.


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