WATCH: Manute Bol decides to fight Anthony Mason

manute-bol-anthony-masonIn the 90’s, the NBA wasn’t what it changed into some 20 years later. And some teams at the time were packed with as much steel muscle as they were with talent.

One such team with “iron muscles” was the NY Knicks, with Patrick Ewing, Anthony Mason and Charles Oakley. Some teams were plain afraid to play them, let alone try to fight them.

In this clip below, the NBA’s leading and skinniest shotblocker 7’7 Manute Bol takes a swing at Knicks’ Anthony Mason, who was probably the last person on the Knicks anyone would want to fight.

While Bol reportedly did kill a lion with a spear back when he was in Sudan – it is totally different trying to trade blows with Anthony Mason, without having any spears.

Bol misses Mason’s face by an inch and the latter quickly takes a fighting stance. Bol basically got lucky, since he wouldn’t have odds in his favor against Mason, who was a bouncer before coming to the NBA.


Both Bol and Mason were two very vivid players in the NBA. Bol passed away in 2010 after battling a rare skin disease, while Mason died in 2015, after suffering a heart attack.


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