WATCH – the Original Celtics 1930’s game play

original-celticsThe Original Celtics were a barnstorming professional basketball team in the 1920’s, which had no real relation to the NBA’s modern Boston Celtics team.

The Original Celtics are often credited with extending the reach of basketball across America and for establishing the importance of aggressive defensive play. As a group, the team was enshrined into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1959.

In 1926, the American Basketball League, effectively railroaded the team into joining its ranks by prohibiting member teams from playing against them.

The Original Celtics responded by so dominating the league in their first two seasons that the league forced them to break up and apportioned their players to the other teams.

The strategy backfired as game attendance plummeted and, further deflated by the Great Depression, the A.B.L. folded after the 1931 season. The Original Celtics briefly reorganized as a barnstorming team in the 1930s, but never replicated their initial glory.

This is how they used to shoot…

An example of how players used to block shots at the time


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