Who is Brian Scalabrine, and why is he famous? (VIDEO)

brian-scalabrine-celticsBrian Scalabrine was hilarious. He didn’t do anything funny, and yet he seemed to be the funniest player in the NBA.

Scalabrine was a fan favorite even when his teams played on the road.

Over 11 NBA seasons, journeyman forward Brian Scalabrine cultivated an image of a regular guy who just happened to play basketball.

Scalabrine spent his time in the NBA with New Jersey Nets, Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls. He played in 520 NBA games (61 started), averaging 3.1 ppg, 2.0 rpg in 13 minutes of action.

In December 2012, Scalabrine challenged any Boston-area amateur basketball players to games of one-on-one.

Many NBA came to believe that Scalabrine was far from an athlete, and figured that he probably wasn’t that great at the profession that earned him tens of millions of dollars.

Scalabrine beat everyone during the challenge, however what he did in the NBA, was totally different.

Here below is a nice tribute to Scalabrine:



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