WATCH: Why Derrick Coleman could’ve been among the best…

derrick-coleman-cummingsDerrick Coleman was always considered to be somewhat a disappointment in the NBA. Just like Shawn Kemp late in his career.

However, if Kemp’s career was derailed by drugs, Coleman’s problem was different – attitude. Everything else was there – he could dribble, shoot from anywhere, hit freethrows, rebound, run the floor. The 6’10 forward had everything to become one of the best NBA forwards ever. Instead, he will forever be associated with “what if…”

A 1994 All-Star, Derrick Coleman played for New Jersey Nets, Charlotte Hornets, Philadelphia 76ers and Detroit Pistons throughout his career. He averaged 18.4 ppg and 10.3 rpg in his rookie season. Coleman averaged double-double in 11 of his 15 years in the NBA.

Coleman, a member of Dream Team II, averaged career high 20.7 ppg for New Jersey in 1992-93. Coleman holds career averages of 16.5 ppg, 9.3 rpg and 1.3 bpg in 33.2 minutes of playing time. He appeared in 781 NBA games, starting in 672 of them.

However, Coleman, who spent five steady, productive years in New Jersey, gave fans a lot to remember. From his dunk on Shaquille O’Neal, to something like this, in the video below:



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