Ex-NBA poll: 41% of former players would like to play in Europe

fake-nba-logoIn April, we’ve put up a new poll, to find out what would our readers do, if they played in the NBA, and then had to decide their next career move.

The question of the poll was: You’re an NBA player, and for some reason, you’re out of the league. What are your plans?

Most of the voters chose – “Play in Europe”, this answer gained 41% of total votes.

Surprisingly, second place was taken by “Retire from basketball, do something else” answer, with 23% of total votes.

19% of votes believe they would’ve played in D-league, and tried to come back to the NBA for another run.

“Play in CBA (Chinese Basketball Association)” answer got 13% of total votes, meaning people would follow the steps of Stephon Marbury.

Fifth spot with just 3% took the answer “Play in Russia”, followed by last, 6th spot “Play in Middle East” with only 1% of total votes.

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