ExNBA July 2014 poll: what would you change in today’s NBA?

nba-east-west-conferencesExNBA’s poll for July 2014 is closed and it’s time to sum up the results.

Not long ago, former NBA players proposed what they would’ve changed in the NBA today. Each of them had their own preposition. So did we.

The July 2014 poll was about the readers, selecting the option they felt was the best for today’s NBA.

Former NBA player Kenny Smith’s preposition was to “Eliminate Western and Eastern Conferences” in the Playoffs and let all teams compete for the championship title – 25 percent of all voters chose this answer.

ExNBA’s preposition was about something that probably every modern NBA fan hates – flopping. The game has changed so much that even former players say it isn’t what it used to be. Some say flopping ruins the game, so our preposition was “Impose harder, stricter rules against flopping” – 19 % of all voters chose this option.

A step below comes an option from Charles Barkley, whose preposition has to do with “one and done” transition of college athletes to the NBA. Barkley believes that college players can be allowed to “enter NBA only after 2 years of college” – 18 % of voters think Barkley is right.

Reggie Miller on his part said he would’ve added another referee to the sidelines, so he could watch the game on monitors – an answer chosen by 15 % of voters.

Steve Kerr’s preposition to eliminate the defensive 3-second violation rule was selected by 14 % of voters.

Shaquille O’Neal believes basketball should be closer to hockey, thus he proposed to add a “penalty box” to games, so that players could actually fight, after the game is over – only 8 % of voters apparently would want that to happen.

Chris Webber’s preposition to completely eliminate charges from the game was selected by only 1 % of all voters.

You can check out our archive of polls, and don’t forget to leave a vote on our next poll below!


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