February 2014 poll: 24% want Allen Iverson to go to North Korea, with or without Rodman

iverson-red-sixersTime to count the votes for ExNBA’s February 2014 poll.

The question of the poll was: Which of these ex-NBA players you would want to go to North Korea (with or without Dennis Rodman)?

The recently retired Allen Iverson gained the most votes – 24 percent.

Answer “none (or) my player is not on the list” came in second with the same amount of votes.

Former Houston Rockets guard, Steve Francis comes in third with 19 percent of votes.

He is followed by Stephon Marbury (14 percent), who found second home in CBA (Chinese Basketball Association).

Tracy McGrady with 10 percent comes in 5th

Glen Rice and Tom Gugliotta both had 5 percent each.

No votes were given to Derrick Coleman, Mitch Richmond and Isaiah Rider.

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