January 2014 poll results: Who would you pick for last spot on the team?

jordan-barkley-reboundFirst ExNBA poll of 2014 has closed, and it is time to announce the results.

The January 2014 poll was about having own NBA team, with one free spot remaining. So, who would you pick for that one last spot?

27 percent of voters would’ve selected “a strong rebounder” for that last spot.

Second place with 23 percent belongs to those who voted for “fighter or locker room leader” answer.

Third place is reserved by “3-point shooter”, with 18 percent of votes. Then comes “clutch shooter” with 15 percent of total votes.

“Shot blocker” gained only 8 percent, while “good free throw shooter” got 5 percent.

“Assist specialist” comes next with 3 percent, and the last answer with 1 percent of votes went to “steals specialist”.

Big thanks to everyone who participated, and don’t forget to leave your vote on our new poll, right underneath the article!


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