Poll: 79% of fans want Seattle Supersonics team to return to NBA

seattle-sonics-96A poll on ExNBA for October 2014 has wrapped up, and it’s time to count the results.

The question of this poll was “Which former NBA team would you want back in the league”.

Seattle Supersonics is the most voted answer, as 79% of voters selected it.

Sonics were a Washington-based team played in the Pacific and Northwest Divisions of the NBA from 1967 until 2008.

The Sonics won the 1979 NBA title, and in the early 90’s were considered one of the most exciting NBA teams, led by superstar power forward Shawn Kemp and future Hall of Famer Gary Payton. The Sonics lost to the Chicago Bulls in the 1995-96 NBA finals.

Back to the poll – the New Jersey Nets came in second, with only 8% of votes.

Vancouver Grizzlies was third, with 7% of all total votes, and Washington Bullets came in last with just 6% of all votes.

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Below is our latest poll, regarding a very sensitive subject. Make sure to leave your vote!


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