Poll: what achievements would an ex-NBA player be proud of?

nba-silhouettesPlaying in the NBA is a dream that not every basketball player gets to have. If it happens, from there on, comes the hard road. Some of these players become draft busts, others win Rookie of the Year awards, then become All-Stars.

Some might be lucky to win an NBA title, and those who reach the Basketball Hall of Fame, are considered legends and the best basketball had to offer.

EXNBA’s latest poll was about just that.

“Imagine you’re a former NBA player. Which of the following achievements you would be mostly proud of?”

It seems like to majority of voters, it’s more rewarding to win an NBA title (49% of all votes), than being selected to the Basketball Hall of Fame (43% of all votes).

The rest of the options gathered much less of votes.

Leading the league in stats once or more times” was chosen by only 4% of all voters.

Being selected to your country’s Olympic Basketball Team” option gathered just 3% of total votes.

Finally, just 1% of all voters chose “Participating in one or more All-Star games“.

As always, below is our latest poll, please do leave your vote! This time, it’s about a former NBA team that is not in the league anymore the way we remember it.


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