Which former star turned out to have worst post-NBA career?

antoine-walker-tonqueAs part of double poll on ExNBA.com, here are the results of the second poll. The question was “Who turned out to have the worst post-NBA career?”

If you want to check out who was voted to have the best post-NBA career – see here.

Just as expected, Lamar Odom, the former LA Clippers and LA Lakers forward, who never reached his full potential, gained the first spot in the poll, gathering 39% of all votes. Odom’s promising career was derailed by drugs, alcoholism and health issues. He didn’t get back on track enough to return to the NBA. Read more on Odom here.

Antoine Walker, the talented former star of the Boston Celtics, gained the second spot with 19% of all votes. Despite all his talent, Walker had a gambling problem and couldn’t manage his finances properly. Walker somehow lost over $100 million of his money, and filed for bankruptcy two years after leaving the NBA. Read more on his troubles here and here.

iverson-hear-itOne of the best great small guards in the NBA, Allen Iverson, took the third spot with 16% of all votes. Iverson’s accomplishments on the court unfortunately weren’t a match for some of the things he did off the court. The best “pound for pound” guard had child support issues, debt issues. Reportedly, Iverson made some $150 million during his NBA career.

Vin Baker (12% of all votes, 4th spot) is another example of what “could have been”. A great versatile, talented power forward that was good, but never reached the “great” level. Baker developed a heavy drinking problem during his NBA career, and ultimately couldn’t keep up in shape, and retired. Baker turned to religion to overpower his alcoholism problem.

Steve Francis (8% of all votes), used to be thought of as hope for the Houston Rockets fans. Despite having productive seasons with the team, and later on some other NBA teams, Francis went spiraling down fast, once he left the NBA. Francis was seen to be doing drugs and drinking, along with having some very unpleasant incidents in night clubs.

The remaining 6% of voters settled for “None of them, other” option in the poll.


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