COURTSIDE STORIES: Why not everyone could guard Ray Allen


Ray Allen was among the very best in the NBA. He spent 18 seasons in the NBA, establishing himself as one of the purest shooters in the league, as well as one of the better outside shooters. Allen played for Milwaukee Bucks, Seattle SuperSonics, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat.

A 10-time NBA All-Star, Allen appeared in total of 1300 NBA games (1149 started), averaging 18.9 ppg, 4.1 rpg in 35.6 mpg. Allen won two NBA titles, with Boston Celtics (2008) and Miami Heat (2013).

Considering all his accomplishments, it’s no surprise mediocre NBA players simply couldn’t stay on Allen.

“I knew a lot of guys who guarded me, who didn’t want to guard me because they didn’t want to have to chase me,” Ray Allen once recalled, according to SLAM magazine.

And there is one particular story that Allen remembered vividly.

“We’re playing San Antonio in the [Finals], and Gregg Popovich is shifting lineups around, and Matt Bonner comes in the game. Matt Bonner’s looking around trying to figure out, like, OK, he has him, he has him… He sees me on the floor and he’s like, Coach! Who’s guarding Ray? I looked at him and said, You got me.”

“Pop took him out right then. He knows he’s already beat,” Allen recalled.


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