Summary: Dennis Rodman – most popular former NBA player of 2013

rodman-lookDennis Rodman knows how to do a few things the right way. When he played basketball, he knew how to rebound, and as a result, the defensive-minded forward won 7 NBA rebounding titles.

Rodman was a two-time All-Star, and playing in 911 career NBA games, he averaged 7.3 points and 13.1 rebounds per game.

Rodman is also the master of attracting the attention, be it good or bad. He did it in San Antonio, he did it in Chicago, and then in Los Angeles and Dallas. And of course, Rodman being himself, has been doing that ever since.

Let’s take a look at what Dennis Rodman did in 2013. He released a book for children titled “Dennis the Wild Bull”. The copies of the book were sold out prior to the official signing. Rodman said that the book teaches children that it is okay to be different, just like it happened to him, when he was playing basketball in Detroit and Chicago. Read more on how children spoke about Rodman’s book.

After Rodman signed the book for some 300 children, he spoke to the Sun about why he decided to write the book, and said that he wouldn’t even want to play in the NBA today – read full piece here.

And then in late February of 2013, it all began – as the flamboyant former NBA star found a new way of making the media talk about him. Rodman went to North Korea to shoot a documentary. Because of country’s policies, North Koreans have limited exposure to US pop culture but they sure knew Rodman, who, along with  Michael Jordan, won championship titles for Chicago Bulls in the 90’s.

rodman-kim-5Rodman did not waste any time, as he established “friendship” with North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un, to whom he said he has “friend for life”. In 2013, Rodman was the second attention-grabbing U.S. visit to North Korea. Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman went there in January of 2013, for a 4-day trip, but did not meet Kim Jong-un.

When Rodman safely returned from North Korea, every news media wanted a piece of him. Rodman said in one of his interviews that since U.S. president Barack Obama and Kim Jong-un share love of basketball, the two leaders could find a common ground. Read more on this, here.

Later, after announcing that he’s returning to North Korea in August, Rodman went on to slam Barack Obama for not trying to “connect” with North Korea’s leader, who “just wants to be loved”. It should be noted that the U.S. do not have diplomatic relations with North Korea since the 1953 ceasefire that ended the Korean War.

By going to North Korea and later making such statements, Rodman went way far outside of his image of basketball player and a party animal. He managed to gain worldwide recognition for, as some say, all the wrong reasons.

rodman-interviewRodman was smart enough not to make any political or human rights comments, stating he’s in North Korea only for basketball. In September of 2013, he reportedly said he plans to organize a basketball league in North Korea.

Rodman of course had to make some hard statements, defending his friendship with the North Korean leader. But let’s get back to basketball.

In September 2013, Rodman said he plans to organize two games in North Korea, one on January 8 (Kim’s birthday), and another one on January 10. Not only that, Rodman also said he plans to have Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone (former NBA greats) to be with him!

In November 2013, Rodman was making statements that “many former and current” NBA players agreed to visit North Korea with him, and participate in a game against the North Korean team on January 8.

While Rodman refused to name the NBA players who’d be participating in the game, he said “it’s not about win or loss, but about one thing – uniting the two countries”.


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